Tuesday, July 10, 2012

"Eyeballs for Breakfast"

Right now I'm feeling a bit like Murphy, the main character in the book "Eyeballs for Breakfast" by M.M. Ragz. It's a book I read as a kid.

I couldn't help thinking about it during today's run.

His father forces him to get out and jog. The first day he's supposed to go a half mile. After the first lap or so, he's struggling. Gasping for air, praying for the run to be done. Then after a while things start to get easier.

In day two, that's how my runs have been going. I have to remember that this will get easier. If you're starting out with a jogging program, it will get easier for you too. I promise!

Murphy's dad also makes him eat egg whites for breakfast instead of the normal sugary treats kids usually eat. Sometimes his dad will add green olives with pimentos to give them a little taste, but it just makes the eggs look like eyes. If Murphy is really good, his dad might add a couple of M&Ms to his breakfast.

Honestly, I'd probably enjoy that breakfast. Eggs are some of my favorite food, and the whites are very healthy. 

Why not try an egg white frittata?

Monday, July 9, 2012

Getting healthy

You'll read in this week's Kristen in the Kitchen about my quest to get fit. My workouts and healthy diet officially started today.

In the first day, running definitely didn't feel like it did in high school. My legs are weak, I hurt in parts of my body I didn't know I had. I haven't sweated like this in ages. But I have to remember it's day one. It will feel better with time. Like Dr. Oz told the Boulder Daily Camera when he was running the Bolder Boulder 10K, your endurance is the same at 65 than it was at 17. You may not be as fast, or as strong, but your endurance is the same.

I am about ready to make a healthier version of Chicken Salad, thanks to my friend Jade Piros de Carvalho. Get the recipe on Wednesday! She is one of the most fit and healthiest eaters I know. I'm grateful she lent a hand.

If you have any recipes or tips on eating healthier, shoot me an email at kroderick@hutchnews.com or leave a comment. I'll take anything I can get. :)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

El Zarape moving locations

GARDEN CITY - A popular Mexican food place that is known for its salsa is moving.
El Zarape is moving from its current location, at 606 W. Fulton St. in Garden City, to the former Red Baron restaurant location, near the U.S. 50 and 83 bypass.
The restaurant doesn’t yet have a date for this move, but it will be this summer, according to its Facebook page.
El Zarape was closed in September 2010 because of nonpayment of taxes, but has reopened its doors.
The salsa is sold online and across the state, including in Hutchinson’s Smith’s Market, 211 S. Main.
El Zarape also has a Dodge City restaurant, at 1301 Wyatt Earp.
Check out the restaurant's website at http://www.elzarapesalsa.com.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Restaurant news

Roy’s Hickory Pit Barbecue, Hutchinson

Kevin Honeycutt is at it again.

The man who made a YouTube video about how much he loves the Hutchinson barbecue joint is asking fans of Roy’s to do the same.

The winner of his contest will get a free rib meal for two at Roy’s Hickory Pit Barbecue, 1018 Nickerson Blvd.

He wants people to make videos about how much they love Roy’s Hickory Pit Barbecue. They should upload it to YouTube and send him a link at kessdack@gmail.com. They should add the tag “LoveRoysBBQ” to their entry.

Honeycutt also is requesting photos of people’s time at the restaurant. People can visit his fan page at http://web.me.com/khoneycuttessdack/KevinLovesRoys/Welcome.html for more information.

Roy’s is open from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. (or until the meat is gone) on Tuesday through Saturday.

The Second Table, Haven

Mark Teter and Corey O’Brien are shutting down the Haven restaurant Wednesday so they can find new ideas.

The duo is heading to a food show in Oklahoma City and they hope to come back with some new menu items.

The Second Table, 111 S. Kansas, opened a year ago with the idea of being a sandwich place. Teter and O’Brien made their own pizza crust as an afterthought – it was created an hour before the restaurant’s doors first opened. But the pizza became the restaurant’s staple.

Aside from today, the Second Table is open from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday.

Taste It Downtown

Want to try downtown Hutchinson restaurants?

During Taste It Downtown, you can try several different restaurants in one night.

The April Taste It is on April 19 – during Third Thursday. It’s from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m.

Tickets are $15 per person or $20 if tickets are still available the day of the event.

A limited number of tickets are available. They are on sale at Dollar Sense, 701 N. Main; or Hayes Home Furnishings, 2 N. Main.

Some restaurants on the list are Danny Boy’s Smoke House, Jillian’s Italian Grill, Sushi Miso, Allie’s Deli, Downtown Sampler, Hutchinson Town Club, 21 Santa Fe and Anchor Inn.

Dan from Danny Boys said what they were serving on the radio on Tuesday, and offered a free barbecue sandwich to anyone who could say via Facebook what it was.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Dandelion deliciousness

Dandelions. They're a huge problem in Hutchinson this year.

About 30 minutes ago, I told The Hutchinson News Facebook friends to "like" if their yards are full of the yellow flower weeds. Now there are more than 60 "likes."

My yard is also full. I pull them and they come back. It was actually EXTREMELY annoying, until I found this recipe.

Apparently dandelions are edible. Bob Colladay suggested making dandelion wine. I thought he was joking until I found this recipe. Who knew?!?!

Apparently they're good for you. The roots are antiviral. They can help stabilize blood sugars, according to foodscout.org.They help with digestion, lower cholestoral, detoxifying the liver... and ladies, they help with bloating during... that time.

Dandelion greens are incorporated into a lot of recipes. Food Network's Emeril Lagasse is known for throwing in a few greens with his dishes - BAM!

But when I found this recipe for dandelion pancakes, I was intrigued. Dandelion flowers are not as nutritious, but they are still edible.

Oh, and a tip from pretty much everyone - don't pick your dandelions too close to the road or where dogs might have "marked" them. Also find dandelions that have not been sprayed.

Dandelion Pancakes
3/4 cup gluten-free flour blend
1/4 cup cornmeal
1/2 cup milk (1 cup for looser batter)
1 egg
About 30 dandelion flower heads
a pinch of salt
Coconut oil for frying

In a small bowl, mix the flour with cornmeal and then add milk and egg. Whisk to combine. Mix in dandelion flowers and salt to the batter. Heat 2-3 Tbsp. of oil in a skillet. When it's hot, drop rounded spoonfulls of dandelion batter into the oil.
Cook the pancakes on one side until brown, and then flip over nad cook on the other side. When they're brown on both sides, remove them from the skillet and drain the excess oil on a paper towel.
Serve with your favorite topping.

- Winnie Abramson on her blog Healthy Green Kitchen, healthygreenkitchen.com. She used organic ingredients in her blog, so feel free to try those.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Restaurant feedback

I got a letter from the Wheatland Cafe the other day. The restaurant was the featured Kristen in the Kitchen restaurant in February.
Darrell, Shannon, Harold and Sally Bauer said the story and video has brought the positive response from the restaurant.
They said the restaurant had several calls from Colorado, Florida, Oklahoma, Ulysses, Hutchinson, Emporia, Liberal, Medicine Lodge and Claflin. It helped them sell five of their cookbooks, and several called just to say they made the cinnamon rolls.
The Sunday buffet was "extra busy" on March 4, the Sunday after the column ran. Several people told the Bauers they read the article and came to try it out.
It's so nice to hear feedback on how the show benefits restaurants. People are these restaurants work hard and deserve an extra pat on the back. It's great to have the opportunity to give them a little credit.
If you have a restaurant you think would be a good fit for Kristen in the Kitchen, please let me know.
Either shoot me an email at kroderick@hutchnews.com or call me at (620) 694-5700 ext. 331. I have a few restaurants in mind, but I love to feature the mom and pop restaurants people might otherwise not know about.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Are you Pin-terested?

I think I'm a little behind on the times.
I recently discovered an Internet phenomenon called "Pinterest." Really, it's great.

On Monday night, a friend posted healthy recipes she was trying. They looked delicious, so I had to ask her where she got them.
She directed me to "Pinterest." It was a pleasant surprise.
The website suggests you connect with your Facebook or Twitter accounts. It allows you to connect with friends and share cool things you've seen online.
If you see something cool online, you're supposed to "Pin" it.
I was naturally drawn to the "Food and Drink" section.
The recipes are outstanding. Many come from blogs. People have created blogs to try out various recipes. There are decorative desserts, delicious looking entrees and more!
Don't worry if you're not a food fan. There is something for everybody on Pinterest!
Check out a story soon about this awesome website in The Hutchinson News.